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Brand: BSToys Model: GA430
BS Toys  Doorway BallYou can play alone or with friends. Attach it to the door frame, a tree branch, the pergola or anywhere else you can imagine and get started!Throw her, hit her, kick her or dodge her. Try to control her as best you can. An original and fun way to train yourself ..
Excluding VAT:18.51€
Brand: BSToys Model: GA431
BS Toys  Reflex box ballPut it around his head. Try to hit the ball as many times as you can in a row. The ball will bounce back to you because of the elasticity. The harder you hit, the harder it will hit back.Can you practice your reflexes and tame the ball?Details:From 8 years old..
Excluding VAT:16.09€
Brand: BSToys Model: GA303
BS Toys Bounce Tennis  With these two rubber rackets and the hairy ball you will spend incredible moments in the park or on the beach. Play with your friends and see how long you can keep the ball in the air!In addition, they are quiet, dry very quickly and are safe even for smaller..
Excluding VAT:24.15€
Brand: BSToys Model: GA344
BS Toys Elastic Jump Unique game that filled our childhoodRubber game like old times! BS toys rubber is durable and wide for a lot of play! We all played it, especially the girlsThe way is simple and at the same time complex since the rules can become difficult depending on the level of the p..
Excluding VAT:7.98€
Brand: BSToys Model: GA175-frog
BS Toys Frog FrisbeeChoose the animal you prefer and play frisbee with your friends or family. Lightweight, risk-free to hit and vibrant colors not to miss.A simple but wonderful game for the square, playground or school.Material: Neoprene Diameter: 21.50 cm..
Excluding VAT:5.60€
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