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Brand: Fresk Model: FR-FB800-10
Fresk Backpack 28x21εκ. DinoDurable, waterproof, light and above all quality!The Fresk school bag is a unique and ecological proposition, as the fabric of the bag is made from a material derived from recycled PET plastic bottles!The backpack has compartments so that you can place your things safe..
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Fresk insulated lunch Bag-Dino Fresk insulated lunch Bag-Dino
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Brand: Fresk Model: FR-FB910-10
Fresk insulated lunch Bag-DinoThe Fresk isothermal lunch bag is the essential accessory you will need at school, on a walk or on an excursion because it will safely transport your meal (and your drink) keeping them cool (or hot) for many hours!It has a large space to fit generous meals and drinks ..
Excluding VAT:22.18€
Brand: Fresk Model: FR-FD300-10
Fresk Thermos  Water Bottle DinoThe thermos has a double wall made of stainless steel and maintains the temperature of the drink.Also perfect for parents to take your iced coffee with you, as it keeps the ice cubes for quite some time!Characteristics:It closes with two different capsCapacity ..
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Brand: Fresk Model: FR-SW2316-15-74
Fresk UV Hat Swallow  The Fresk hat is legionnaire type, with UV50 protection and protects the child's head, shoulders and neck!With the help of the practical cord, you can adjust the hat so that it fits perfectly on his head and does not slip.It is made of ecological materials and is sp..
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Brand: Fresk Model: FR-SW2325-15-86
Fresk UV Hat Swallow  Thanks to the UV50 protection, your little one is protected from the sun, while with the soft and absorbent material inside, his little skin is kept dry and you don't have to worry about any "leaks" that may occur!Very practical to use again and again without weari..
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Brand: Fresk Model: FR-SW2318-15-74
Fresk UV Top Longsleeve Swallow for 6-12 monthsTop quality and protection for our kids!With this long-sleeved top by Fresk, the days at the beach or the pool will be more pleasant!Thanks to the UV50 protection, it protects the child's sensitive skin from the sun. In addition, the durable material,..
Excluding VAT:24.15€
Brand: Fresk Model: FR-FD300-22
It's beautiful and very practical because it will keep your drink hot or cold for over 8 hours!Ideal for children with a built-in straw. For school or for a walk with two different caps. The thermos has a double wall made of stainless steel and keeps your drink hot or cold for many hours. Ch..
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