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Brand: LUDI Model: 90015
An anti-UV tent and a game board to entertain children The anti-UV tent allows to rest in the shelter, well protected from the sun and the wind during family getaways. It is essential for the safety of baby who will have fun playing with small printed games. Designed to travel with family. Well t..
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Brand: LUDI Model: 3450
Ludi Baby Bowling "Cat" Baby bowling 'Cat' is 5 pins shaped like fun little cats and 1 ball. Made of soft plastic for a more agreeable texture and an easy hand hold. How play ? Like bowling, baby will knock the pins down with the ball ! Pin height: 15 cm. For babies ages 10 months and up. C..
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Brand: LUDI Model: 90023
Ludi JUMPING ANIMAL DINOThe inflatable dinosaur of the Ludi company will become the new pet of our little friends! As the child grows, he will play the game in different ways and discover new moments of fun at every age. You can write the child's name in the box on the dinosaur's stomach. A ..
Excluding VAT:28.95€
Brand: LUDI Model: 90008
Sitting comfortably on the back of this bouncing unicorn and holding on tight to its ears, your little rider will be all set for a mad gallop or a gentle walk. What could be better than a ride on the back of a unicorn to get the imagination going? Specially designed for little ones aged 10 months an..
Excluding VAT:28.95€
Brand: LUDI Model: 30022
Ludi Pack of 3 'Pink' sensories ballsDiscover the world of the senses with the balls from the Ludi company. The package includes: 2 balls that have embossed designs with a velvet coating and a larger ball ideal for a light massage on the child's back. They are made of soft hypoallergenic plastic ..
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Ludi Safari Animals finger puppets Ludi Safari Animals finger puppets
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Brand: LUDI Model: 30074
This set of 5 little finger puppets by Ludi is a great way of making the most of those spe-cial moments with your child, such as bathtime or bedtime. Little puppeteers will love bringing these safari animals to life and inventing amazing adventures for them! A great way to learn to talk while having..
Excluding VAT:7.66€
Brand: LUDI Model: 30055
Ludi Set of 8 awakening ballsWith the sensory balls of the Ludi company, the game becomes even more fun! The different colors, shapes and sizes spark children's interest and spark their curiosity! In this way they encourage babies and toddlers to move and develop their dexterity. The soft and lig..
Excluding VAT:14.52€
Brand: LUDI Model: 30066
Ludi Rattle Activity BallThe rattle-chewing teether with the special shape of the Ludi company will attract the attention of our little friends!The various shapes as well as the distinctive sound that is heard with the movement spark interest and encourage the child to continue exploring...
Excluding VAT:8.79€
Brand: LUDI Model: 30078
Ludi Water MatThe LUDI water play mat takes children straight to the very heart of the ocean! Through the mat’s three portholes, baby can marvel at the creatures that live in the different undersea worlds – shellfish, fish, a penguin, a crab, a starfish and a turtle. They will also come acros..
Excluding VAT:25.81€
Brand: LUDI Model: 40059
Ludi WatermillBath time becomes more fun with the bucket-watermill from the Ludi company. With its cheerful colors and funny face, the bucket attracts the attention of our little friends. By submerging the bucket, the water flows and turns the mill. By playing in the water, children develop their..
Excluding VAT:4.80€
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