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Board games for little kids

Board games for little kids
Board games for little kids
Board Game Little  Mrs Find what you are Board Game Little  Mrs Find what you are
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Board Game Little  Mrs Find what you areAsk the right questions, find out what the card in your head shows and become the winner. Take a card without looking at it and place it in your wreath. Ask up to five questions at a time. Guess correctly what the card on your head depicts and get a ch..
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Brand: Desyllas Model: 100702
Desyllas Games What is honey made of? Where does the oil come from? Match the pictures and learn what the products we use every day are made of, in Greek and English!It also contains an educational craft, with which children learn the objects of the game by drawing and creating!ISLAN..
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Brand: Desyllas Model: 100706
Desyllas Games Is it right to push in line? Is it nice to give your seat to an elderly person? Before you sit down to eat, do you have to wash your hands? Learn the rules of good behavior and hygiene by joining the pieces together. It also contains an educational craft, with which childr..
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Brand: Desyllas Model: 100709
Desyllas Games What are the 5 senses? Is it cold or hot? Soft or hard? Match the tiles to the tabs and learn about the senses in Greek and English! And all this, along with the educational, fun spinner!ISLANDS OF KNOWLEDGE is a unique educational series of preschool games that makes acqu..
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Brand: DJECO Model: 08159
This is a Memory game that has 2 of each animal disc. Discs are put face down and players try to find matches by remembering where animals were seen during play. The pieces are 2.5 in diameter. There are 15 pairs, so the duration of games is appropriate for this age group. It's also a good size for ..
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Brand: DJECO Model: 08533
Djeco Little MarketIn this fun Djeco Little Market game, the aim is to be the fastest to finish your shopping. You’ll need a little luck and a smart approach to managing money. A fun introduction to buying games, working with numbers and learning to give change. Contains: board, 4 shopping lists,..
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Brand: DJECO Model: 08537
Djeco memo loto shopIt’s time to go shopping, but who will be first to finish their shopping list! To retrieve the 4 items on your shopping list, you'll have to visit the different shops and use your memory! An introductory game of memory and chance for young children. Includes 4 ‘shop’ board..
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Brand: DJECO Model: 08534
Djeco Pick me upTiger, socks, watering can what do all these images have in common? This sorting game will help children develop their language, logic and observation skills. Designed above all for playing, Pick Me Up also offers the opportunity to reinforce learning and grasping the notions ..
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Brand: DJECO Model: 05126
It is a board game, with our well-known little red riding hood from the company Djeco. It's a strategy game where the goal is to be the first player to collect all 6 story cards. The package includes 50 cards (24 story cards, 10 wolf cards, 8 forest hunter cards, 8 forest wolf cards). Instructio..
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Brand: DJECO Model: 05233
Djeco Shut the box juniorAgeFrom 4 to 12 yearsDimensionsW220 x H40 x D220 mm...
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Brand: DJECO Model: 08553
Reaction game where players have to be the first to match the character figure with the card turned over that it is associated with and put the character. For example, if a card with a carrot is turned over, then the first player to put the rabbit character on the round rabbit universe wins the turn..
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Brand: DJECO Model: 08551
Djeco Toddler games Little observationLittle butterflies twirl around the garden. Who will be the best at observing and catch the butterfly that corresponds to the combination of the dice? 9 pieces and 2 dice. 2-4 players. Box approx. 21.5 x 21.5 x 5 cm.  AgeFrom 2 to 5 yearsDimensionsW2..
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