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19 Nov Letter to Santa
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Print Call Mom's free printable letter for Santa Claus. Make a wish and you never know! We will do everything we can! Outside the store, Santa's red special mailbox is waiting for you so that you can be sure that your letter will reach the right hands!..
03 Feb Όνομα, ζώα, φυτά... Παίζουμε;
01 Nov They said about us
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Favorite blogs, magazines, journalists, moms talk about 'Call Mom' and 'help wristbands'. We thank them for their acceptance, support and love. Call Mom Wristbands | Or else how are you going to make a big ounce of relief! Added by myrto on September 28, 2017I believe it has happened to everyone. B..
10 Oct How it works
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02 Dec The Story
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It all started when in a shopping center of Thessaloniki we lost our 1.5-year-old daughter. I thought her dad was watching over her and he was sure he was with me! Our little explorer decided to discover the world and moved away from us. Yes, we lost the child! Luckily for a while! This tragic feel..
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