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4M toys - Blue Crystalls

4M toys - Blue Crystalls
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4M toys- Blue Crystalls

HOW IT WORKS: When you add the crystalline compound to hot water, it dissolves into tiny particles. These particles are too small to see. The liquid is the solution of the powder. In fact, it is a saturated solution because if you mix in more powder, it will not dissolve any more. Gradually, the water cools and some amount evaporates. Now, the water can't keep all the particles dissolved, and some start coming back together. More particles join together, and after some time, groups of particles join together. The particles come together in a way that creates the crystals you see, with straight edges and flat surfaces.

CONTENTS: white crystal chemical compound bag x1, pigment containing bag x1, crystal base x1, round paper cover x1, colored cover x1, stirring spoon x1, exhibit cover x1, stirring pot/transparent exhibit stand x1.

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